A Day in a Supernormal Life, 4.18.17


How was your day?  We single women have all the fun…

2:30AM             Wakey wakey

2:45AM              (after 3 5-minute snoozes) Take a bath, while scrubbing bathroom floor with floor brushes; other ablutions (hitting 2 birds with one stone)

3:00AM               Tidy up bed, fix baon/lunch, leave food and fresh water for doggies

3:30AM               Leave house (Bye, doggies!)

4:00AM               Start Work

2:00PM               Leave Office, call Dani, dat daughter, while driving home (away at college, to check on her day and what she’s up to)

2:30PM               Pick up Mom from her house- bring her to bank so she can sign some docs that they, admittedly, misplaced

3:00PM               Telecon in car, on the way home from bank to Mom’s home

3:30PM               Continue telecon at home

4-5:00PM            Start quick dinner (use quickie mixes to save time.  Today it is Mama Sita Caldereta mix), water plants, sweep up doggie poo, chat with visiting nephew.

5:00PM               Eat early dinner while social-media-ing

5:30PM               Leave dishes in sink, wash them tomorrow

5:31PM               Take supplements (MX3 and collagen.  No, I am not a senior citizen, but this really does help me.  And no, this is not a paid blog). Shower, ablutions

5:35PM                 Feed the doggies, Harold and Ally, change water, try to give them their vitamins, give up (wait for Dani to come home on Friday, she can give them vitamins, then)

6:00PM                Check Youtube faves while in bed (Bubzvlogs, Conan, CongTV, Wil Dasovich, Michelle Dy, etc)

7:00PM                 Still awake?  Then Netflix and snooze.

8:13PM                 Get up, call guardhouse to ask them if garbage collectors are scheduled for extra run tomorrow because they did not pick up trash during the Holy Week

8:15pm                 Answer to that question was “no”.

8:16PM                 Back to bed

9:00PM                 Still awake, scanning Twitter

9:30something    Knocked out!

How was your day?  What super powers do you use to breeze through every day?



By supernormalgirl

Single, 40-ish mom, travelling this world as any normal, girl-next-door would. Is both positive and negative, yin and yang, good and bad. A forever 'tween. Has a love-hate relationship with food, and food wins most of the time. From Manila, Philippines.

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