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Choosing Your Own Adventure

It’s Saturday night, and I had to drop off daughter, Dani, at her friend’s 18th birthday at the Conrad Manila. Of course, if I drop her off, I have to pick her up, as well. I hadn’t made up my mind what to do, whether to just drive back after the party, or just hang […]


Banana Offenders

This is my first post for the year, so late new year greetings are in order: Happy new year, friends! We’re always excited about what the new year has in store for us, and I was especially excited because my bananas were finally going to be ripe enough to pick. (What? You thought I had […]

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Touch Technology Revisited

My 16-year old nephew, Leon,  finally got his first first-hand iPhone from his dad, a few days before Christmas. As the youngest in the family, it was only natural that he had to inherit all the old hand-me-down phones in the family. Just recently, his iPhone 4 died, and there were no more phones for him […]


Who You Gonna Call?

A few days back, I had driven home early in the afternoon, because I had wanted to take a nap before heading out back to work for a meeting I needed to attend in person that evening. I got to my neighborhood in good time, but suddenly heard a *flapflapflap* coming from the right rear […]


Whose Toothbrush?

It’s been a month since I was last here, and so far, we are adjusting quite nicely in the new house and to our new living arrangements (both mom and ourselves). I found a cute toothbrush holder that was shaped like a robot while I was out the other day, and I liked it, so […]


Holiday Monday Musings

Had been out for a while. What was I up to?

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To Be Old in the Time of Pokemon

I’m sure you’re sick of it by now. People unexpectedly stopping in the hallways; super slow drivers, especially past water tanks, churches or graffiti you would’ve otherwise ignored; and kids pestering you to please turn on your hotspot, or could they now “please get data subscription”. All because of Pokemon. Yes, the Pokemon has made […]

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When it’s time to let daughter go and live by herself…

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Have Granny, Will Travel

In my younger years, I guess the articles or blogs that would have caught my attention would be those talking about how to comfortably (or survive) travel (if this is at all possible) with your small kids. Nowadays, however, with the kid in college, you would think that travel would be so much easier.  No […]

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Super Normal Girl Goes to Guam

Sadly, this would be the last of this year’s “Summer Escapes” series, as summer has officially ended in the Philippines, so says our local weather bureau, PAGASA.  We were, however, able to squeeze in one last family trip to nearby Guam, which was hurricane-less a couple of weeks back, and perfect for some water activities and […]